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Quality Program at Lincoln Foundry
We are aware of the need for quality non-ferrous castings. Quality control is very important in today's world as it applies to castings and to our customers. This page outlines our quality control procedures accomplished every day in our foundry operation. We can also tailor a quality control process to fit your company's requirements.

We can handle foundry jobs using your drawings to provide prototype, pattern and core boxes as required. We will engineer and make permanent wood or aluminum patterns and core boxes to meet your production needs. We have good local pattern shops that can fulfill those needs. Machining and plating is also sub-contracted. Lincoln Foundry is up-to-date on all environmental and OSHA issues.


All raw material used in Lincoln Foundry's operation is certified ingot. Each load of ingot is backed by a certified certificate of analysis from the ingot supplier. This certificate can be supplied upon your request. All material, by alloy, is kept separate in the manufacturing process, this, no contamination between alloys. Test bars are available, upon request, which will supply the customer with physical and chemical properties of the various alloys.


All material is melted using 2 - 175KW-1000 cycle electric induction No. 125 lift swing, crucible furnaces. This is the very latest and best way to melt metal. Metal temperature is very critical in the melting and pouring of metal. Immersion temperature pyrometers, wall mounted, are used to determine metal temperature during the melting cycle and to also determine proper pouring temperature prior to pouring. These pyrometers are periodically calibrated by the manufacturer to insure accuracy at all times. A letter of accuracy is on file in our office.


Melting pure copper demands specific control of the melting of the metal to achieve good castings with proper conductivity. We guarantee 85% I.A.C.S. minimum conductivity. Each heat of castings is checked with conductivity meters, calibrated on a timely periodic basis.



All castings are inspected from the molding operation through the grinding and cleaning operation. After all of the above operations are complete at the time of packaging, each casting is visually inspected.


Castings which have been machined bored, threaded, ground flat to a dimension are inspected by use of appropriate gauges to insure the customers requirement.